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Originally Posted by KnittingNat View Post
Wow, these are beautiful. And i absolutely love the colourways! Rowan rock, don't you agree?
I noticed you like this designer, Elsebeth Lavold. What is so special? I'm just starting with knitting books collection and i really like all this Nordic style. Though everyone thinks Israel is warm, it's only on summer. This last winter was long (November-March) and rather chilly...So i'm pretty sure this kind of sweaters will be very appropriate .
P.S. I just love your work, but how come you never tried socks?

Thanks so much for your compliments!

Elsebeth Lavold is a very unique Designer! She has about 11 books out now...the book I posted here was her very first, before she had her own signature yarns. Her signture yarns were shown starting in Book 2.

Check out her website...each book will show you what is inside, page by page. Not all of her books are Viking Cables, although she really really excels at Viking Cables. It makes her stand out in the PACK!

I met her on an Alaskan Knitters Cruise in May 2004. I took her 20-hour intensive class. I had already knit several of her sweaters...but...I still learned a lot from her class. Also, if you send her an email with a question, or anything else, she will always answer back!

She has a lot of "signature yarns" that are featured in 10 of her books. Her signature yarns can also be seen on her website, but purchased in many LYS's or Ebay shops, and countless online shops.

I collect all of her books, sight unseen. Can't say that about any other Designers! Some of her designs are very simple, soft, easy to knit pieces! I love them all!

THIS is her latest book, and the designs were created to be fun and easy to knit!

And, HERE is the page that shows all her books! They are soft cover, and not too spendy!

Did you see the cardigan that I finished a few weeks ago? It is named "Opal"...and it, too, is an Elsebeth Lavold design! If you would like to see it...HERE is the link in Whatcha Knittin'!

I never tried socks because...hmmm...oh, I know...they are scary little things. I feel like I would need to take a Magic Loop sock class so that I can get my head wrapped around the concepts. Same goes with Entrelac. I tried an Entrelac dishcloth several months ago...what a disaster. All that time wasted only to find out I had something wrong up in rows 3 and above. It was all wonky and I had to tear it all down. I need a class for that.

But, classes are a challenge for me, time-wise. And, they are A LOT OF MONEY, don't you think? I'm not knocking the yarn shop...but...being a "material girl"...I always get to thinkin' how much yarn I could buy for the price of the class! Grrr. I drive myself crazy.

I so admire all the beautiful socks that I see our KH-ers knitting!
I really should join the SOCK HOP, shouldn't I?? And, socks are so useful on a day-to-day basis, any weather, anytime!
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