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Originally Posted by ContiKnitter View Post
Ingrid's inspired me to make some cabled scarves too, yours look great! I especially like the second one!

And yes, scarves are addicting, aren't they? They're like socks, you can put so many different variations in them.
Yes, me too! I think Scarf #2 would be just as great for a guy as a gal! I will wear it with a bl/wh herringbone (black collar, double-breasted) winter coat.

The "side cables" for Scarf #1, the beiges, are a different little species!
Notice, there are garter stitches inserted into the middle of the 6-stitch cable... on rows 5 & 6 of the cable! I got the pattern for these little cables from a new book I bought. The book is almost useless because the author doesn't use the usual chart/graph symbols. So it is like having to learn "Greek". Also, her charts are (she thinks) so elementary that anyone can read them. Duh. Sorry, but no.

The regular way of charting is excellent. I tried one of her pattern charts and gave up in despair. Grrrr. I am going to take it back to my LYS ($36 book) and ask the shop owner help me "read" this author's charts. There a fabulous patterns in the book. I just didn't know that the charts would be in Greek.
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