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Originally Posted by Chel View Post

I absolutely LOVE Rowan Tapestry.
It is almost comparable to Malibrigo in feel. The colors are beautiful.
It is delightful to "feel" as it slips through my fingers. Nice to look at, too! A soft luster. However, I have to watch carefully for "splits"! I double back and fix splits everytime. They drive me bonkers. Tapesty is kinda split-prone...and especially so because I am using KnitPicks OPTIONS, which are pointy...but great for manipulating cables accurately and quickly! Everything is a trade-off!

I wanted to get two other colors, too...but...came to my senses!
As it is, I over-bought. Six skeins of each color. I had no idea how much yarn the cables would suck up...and I want the scarves to be 48" long. The shop owner said she would take back any unused that is why I am getting on the ball and knitting the scarves now. Shops can't "take back" yarn that you've had for 6 months.
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