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OK, that is confusing. I eliminated one row of instructions (line 3). It threw the RS/WS off and the numbers didn't make sense anyway. Although you start with 33sts, on the first RS row you'll only work with the first 7sts (k2,k2tog,k3) and then turn leaving the 26sts on a holder. Don't worry about those sts, you'll get back to them soon. For now you're just going to work on the 6sts to complete the little point at the edge of the front neck.

Shape Front Neck
--Next row (RS) K2, K2tog,K3 and turn, leaving remaining stitches on a holder. 6 sts.

--Work each side of neck separately.

--Next row (WS): P2 tog, P4
--Next row K2, K3 tog

--Next row: P2tog, P1

--Next row: K2tog and fasten off.
With RS facing, rejoin appropriate yarn to rem sts, cast off 19 sts, For the last 7 sts, K3, sl 1, K1 psso, K2, 6 sts.

Complete to match first side, reversing shapings.

I made a change (in bold) on the shaping for the other side just so you could see how this shaping mirrors the first row of shaping on the left shoulder. Here's a picture of the pattern.
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