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When we lost our Foxy Lady Ocie Jean, a 20 year old pomeranian, it was very hard for us. I sunk into a deep depression. I intend to get a memorial tattoo for her. She was my anniversary gift from my husband on our first anniversary. She was precious, and irreplacable. My husband, after seeing me depressed for so long, went out and got me another pom, this time a male, black like Foxy was, and at first I would look at him and cry, because if he had been female, he would be Foxy. I have slowly gotten used to him, and am already in love with him. What is funny, and kind of curious at the same time, is that he does the same thing that Foxy did, when I am having a bad Fibro Flare, I will go to get up (out of bed or the recliner) and he jumps up on my belly and "pushes" me back down. He weighs all of 4 pounds soaking wet, but it is effective in getting me to take it easy. I think maybe Foxy told him about it. My goes out to you. I am still grieving and probably will be for a very long time.
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