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This is from How to Knit Left-Handed

There are lots of things to consider if you are left handed and want to knit. One of the major problems you will find is that all knitting patterns are written for right handed people. If you choose to knit truly left handedly then you will need to reverse all the shapings given in a pattern, and read any pattern charts in reverse.
I thought I had read that everything had to be done in reverse. I've never known anyone who knitted left-handed. I guess when the OP checks back we'll find out for sure, the "lefty" part made me think this is a true left-handed knitter. I've known left-handed people who learned to crochet with the hook in the right hand. If I had to reverse things, I think I'd have to write it out in the correct order.


Patterns, however, can and do have a right-handed bias. A truly left-handed knitter working from a written pattern will make their decreases backward, will cable backward and will end up with a left front when working from the directions for the right half of a cardigan.
I blithely thought, work the right for the left and the left for the right, but with an asymetrical design I don't think that would work at all even if it would for a symetrical design. I haven't worked from charts so I'm not familiar with them, I wonder if charting the instructions could help.

While written abbreviations are clearly "handed", a chart speaks a more universal language. For more complex stitch and color work, charts do not assume handedness.
This is perhaps a more complicated situation than I realized. Maybe if I do some digging I can find some helpful links.
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