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I too use KP Options (Sunstruck for me) and am very happy with the cables. Other than color I think the WEBs cables are the same. IMHO Boye and Denise cables are not for me, they're both too thick, not flexible enough, and Boye cables coil. I figure if it looks like it belongs in a Weed Eater, it should be used in a Weed Eater. I have a CiaoGoo with a stainless steel cable coated with something and it's OK but not as flexible as the KP cables. The cable on my one Addi Turbo circ kinks. I've wondered about hollow cables too. My guess (and it's only a guess) is that they are thicker and less flexible than my KP cables. I'll be interested in finding out what they are like but I'm not sure I'll buy more needles to compare, I'll probably stick with what I know.
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