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Thanks to all
First and foremost, Thank You all for your advice and good natured replies. I am looking forward to getting started.

Right now I live in Germany and went out this weekend to pick up some simple supplies with no luck. All the stores in this area are of course in metric and geared much more for the more advanced knitter. I could have picked up some needles and yarn but I decided to go online and do an order. I am now, rather impatiently awaiting my circular needles and a couple of teach your self to knit type books. I have also bookmarked a few video's here and on You Tube to use as instructions.

My biggest hope is that in a few weeks I will be good enough to be able to knit while on the train to where ever we decide to go that weekend. Also if I get good enough in the next couple of years I can use it as an excuse to shoot over to Ireland to shop for true Aran yarn.
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