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ArtLady1981 11-25-2012 05:05 PM

FO: KDTV Dropped Stitch Scarf
I watched Series 900 of KDTV (Knitting Daily TV) DVD's. Sooo much information, very useful, new, fresh!

Anyway, a simple great scarf was demonstrated on the show, Episode 904. The Tencel Dropped Stitch Scarf. Here is the free pattern. If the pattern itself isn't on the page right away, just type Tencel Dropped Stitch Scarf in the Search box. It is a free downloadable pdf pattern, and I was able to put it in my Google Drive (Cloud) so that I have it across all of my devices and pc's. Google Drive, as most of you know, instantaneously syncs across every device, laptop and pc that you have the software (free) installed. It's really nice to be able to open any device...laptop, tablet or smartphone and have instant access to any pattern in there! Google Drive will even store WORD doc patterns too, so you can save your Knitty patterns in Google Drive as well. You're allowed 5GB free space, and patterns don't suck up that allotment.
(photos and videos do)

The scarf is basically garter stitch. The st st columns will be "unzipped" (dropped) after the final bind-off row. NOTE: very important....each knit stitch either side of the st st column are knit through the back loops on RS and WS. This twisted stitch "locks" the st st (to be dropped). The twisted stitches either side of the dropped stitch prevent the dropped stitch from mooshing into their space. So that's the hardest part of this scarf pattern: remembering to twist those knits on either side of the st st (that will be unzipped)

The bind-off is interesting. So pay close attention to that. It's written in the directions. form a 3-st 'bridge' over top of the dropped stitch as you're binding off. (click link...can you see it?) This allows the "unzipped" column to spread. Each dropped stitch will expand to the width of approx 3 st.

The scarf was 4" wide before 'unzipping'. Six inches wide after unzipping. I didn't block this scarf. I'm giving it away today to my BFF. I gave her the cardigan that used the majority of the yarn. I knit it for me, but it "grew", and became sloppy on me. Top-down construction and raglan sleeves are OFF MY KNIT LIST these days.

This scarf was knit with the 53g leftover, about 161 yds. The scarf is 6" x 45", and Kay will be delighted with it. She treasures the cardigan! I had only worn it 2 or 3 times to church, and she drooled over it every time.

FRONT, before unzipping...

BACK, before unzipping....

Being constructed...

Use of stitch markers is paramount to successful knitting...because the twisted stitches (that flank each of the st st column) are very apparent from the RS, but not the WS.

Even with stitch markers, you have to pay attention...don't miss those twisted (thru back loop) stitches!

More photos on my Ravelry project page....

This is my yarn....impulsively purchased in 2008 at a Yarn Festival (like a Stitches).
NOTE TO SELF: stay away from Yarn Festivals....a sweater's worth of this yarn was $$ridiculous$$
I haven't attended this Pacific NW version of Stitches since 2009....:thumbsup:

GrumpyGramma 11-25-2012 05:18 PM

That's so pretty! It's easy to see why your friend loves the sweater and the scarf to match...wonderful, I'm sure she'll be delighted.

salmonmac 11-25-2012 06:20 PM

The yarn works very well in the dropped stitch pattern, really shows it off. Beautiful in a sweater too, I'll bet. Nice technique all around and interesting bind off.

Jan in CA 11-26-2012 12:18 AM

Oh that's pretty!!

You've raved about those DVDs. I'll have to think about getting them.

ArtLady1981 11-26-2012 05:02 AM


Originally Posted by Jan in CA (Post 1361377)
Oh that's pretty!!

You've raved about those DVDs. I'll have to think about getting them.

I'm telling' ya....the KDTV DVD series are THE BEST THING I've ever watched, Jan! For $39.95 you have $3995 worth of CLASSES! And you can watch them over and over again. I've learned sooooooo much. I've been tremendously inspired to do new things, improve others.

I will never EVER spend another dime for fleeting 'classes' at events like Stitches. Or even my LYS. Unless you just plain like 'to join' things like 'classes'...and I don't need the association at the rate of $20-$30 per hour....I save my education budget for the new KDTV Series. You REALLY get your money's worth.

I can see the value of basic classes, and other specialty classes, don't get me wrong. But I've been burned on some costly classes of little value. I've NEVER felt burned with the KDTV DVDs!

GrumpyGramma 11-26-2012 11:29 AM

I'll have to look into those DVDs. Are they just for really advanced knitters like you or could anyone benefit from them?

ArtLady1981 11-26-2012 02:20 PM


Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma (Post 1361409)
I'll have to look into those DVDs. Are they just for really advanced knitters like you or could anyone benefit from them?

Glad you asked that question! I'd say none of the KDTV content is designed for the advanced knitter! Every segment on the DVD's is 'a show' with a little of everything. A part on yarn, then maybe a short segment on a particular technique, then a small segment by Kristin Omdahl about crochet, then a short segment about a project, etc.

I even find myself learning cool stuff in the Crochet Corner segment!

So that's it. KDTV is meant to educate and inspire every knitter! Even what I'd consider 'tricky stuff' like a new cast-on technique...Eunny Jang breaks it down into a process that you can follow. To learn the new cast-on's, I've been known to re-watch it ten times til I 'get it'!

The dropped stitch scarf was demonstrated on the show, plus that cool modified herringbone stitch! I was sooooooo inspired I had to try them right away!

I've learned some cool ways to fix an oops! In Series 900, Eunny Jang showed us how to fix a mis-crossed cable without frogging back to the mistake! Wow. One of the mis-crossed cables was down several inches in a real complicated cable, a Celtic cable. Eunny showed how you can undo the error! It involved cutting one strand in it! I'd heard about this technique before, but could not for the life of me understand it! But now I do! If I ever need it, I'll re-watch the segment and do-it-along-with-Eunny! cuz I'd definitely have to watch it again. But the main point is, I got it! And I got it well enough to feel confident about the fix. Eunny took the mystery out of it.

In Series 900 there was a cool segment about the use of steeks....different ways to seal a steek's raw edge. Mainly a thing Fair Isle knitters utilize, but I enjoyed learning the three ways you can do it! I could possibly use the techniques if I wanted to cut a knitted item to remodel it.

I've learned stuff that I didn't even know I didn't know. LOL

In the earlier KDTV Series 100-500 they used to include weaving lessons and spinning lessons! Wow. Oh, and needle felting lessons! Those are fiber arts that were a TOTAL MYSTERY to me. But after watching the demonstrations and lessons, I feel confident that I could weave or spin! Of course those fiber arts require equipment that I don't own. Looms and spinning wheels. Although there was a lesson on drop spindle spinning which was very easy and minimal expense.

I bought some colored fiber from Knit Picks along with a little needle felting gadget after I watched the needle felting segment! That was sooooooo cool! It's incredibly easy, and very artistic! You can needle felt teensy flowers and leaves right into knitted item! Or like onto your felted bag! I loved that segment! I had never even heard of needle felting!

There are sock lessons, too. BUT, I've yet to try a sock, everyone knows that! LOL

Techniques lessons are one of my favs. There are so many techniques that enhance regular knitting. I couldn't even YouTube it because I wouldn't know what I'm missing!

Anyway, keep your eye PEELED for the DVDs to go ON SALE right about NOW! Last year, KDTV/The Interweave Store was offering the DVD sets/series on instead of $39.95 each set (4 discs totaling 348 minutes, yes over 5 hours long!) they were 3 sets for $99. Something like that. Maybe even less.

You should check their website today! I bought my first five series, Series 100-500, from our Knitting Help Shop on sale for $34.95 each a few years ago, then I've been buying the new ones from the Interweave Store ever since. As soon as it's released, I grab it up!

Like I said, the KDTV DVD Series are my only knitting education investment these days. I've never been burned in spending the $39.95.

ArtLady1981 11-26-2012 03:14 PM

OMG!!! The KDTV DVDS are on sale for $20! I see ALL Series, 100 thru 900!!! The disc SETS, not just video downloads. I've never seen them so deeply discounted. That's half price! $180 for Series 100-900 is less than you'd pay for a full day class at Stitches, which is about $240! Half day classes can run $120! And they are a one-time shot! If you don't really GET IT in the six hours, or 3 hours, you are screwed. You got nothing but a great social gathering.

I prefer owning the DISC SETS. I can play them anywhere I go on vacation in my Sony DVD player, sometimes right here in my TV room when my hubby is monopolizing the TV! I knit along as I watch, and sometimes I have to 'study' what she's teaching!

GrumpyGramma 11-26-2012 03:21 PM

I'm checking out the DVDs and I challenge you to knit a sock! No, maybe not, this way I've still done something you haven't. :teehee: Oh what the heck, will you accept the challenge?

ArtLady1981 11-26-2012 03:28 PM


Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma (Post 1361427)
I'm checking out the DVDs and I challenge you to knit a sock! No, maybe not, this way I've still done something you haven't. :teehee: Oh what the heck, will you accept the challenge?

Oh what the heck, why not?:teehee: BUT, not til I've cleared my mind of two current NELL winter bulky coat, and my garnet red Hallett's Ledge cardigan.

Which won't take long....maybe after New Years!

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