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Driving to the west coast
I'm relocating in August, from the east coast of Canada all the way to the west coast. I'll be driving through the US as gas prices are much lower in the States, and the highway system is also a bit fancier than some parts of Canada. Also, I have more friends I can visit and crash with overnight if I drive through the States. All of them from KH!

I've planned my overnight stops in several locations, but I haven't figured out where to stop in between the Chicago area, and Boise, Idaho. I'm not looking for people to stay with. Just some recommendations of what some good overnight stopping points might be.

I'm wondering, if as a single driver, I can make the trek between Chicago and Boise in two days, or if I should break it up and make the drive over 3 days. Has anybody made that particular journey before?

Thanks in advance for any advice or suggetions people can offer!

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